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About me:



Date of Birth:
28th of May 1988

DJ since:

Favourite Styles:
Mainstyle Hardcore and Darkcore


The story starts in the year 2002. I had my first contact to Hardcore when I got a mix-cd by two DJs (Gigi & Giant) from my hometown Koblenz. I never heard this music before but because of tracks like "Artwork" by Art Of Fighters I knew that it wasn't the last time. After collecting masses of Hardcore music and visiting my first hardcore parties in the following years I made the decision that only listening to the sound was not enough for me.
A short time later I got my first turntables, vinyls and a mixer as christmas gift. From this day on I practised hard to reach a level which is high enough to play at pubilc events. At the same time I founded the community and organisation "Corefreakz" togehter with some friends. It helped me a lot because I made great contacts in the scene. It didn't take that long until I played on the first public event. With shivering hands I played my first set.
From that time on more and more bookings arrived me and I got the chance to play at some of the biggest national Hardcore events.
Till today everything is gaining, we will see where the climax is and how the story ends.